April 20 postgame quotes: Robyn Regehr - LA Kings Insider

On what adjustments need to be made for Game 3
You can’t keep thinking about things that are… the whole big piece isn’t going to come to you all at once. It’s what I spoke about with those issues that we’re trying to improve, we’ve got to work on one at a time and make sure that we do it consistently.

On whether this is similar to being down 2-0 to St. Louis last year:
It’s a different feeling here. You look at the series and you say 2-0, but it’s a different year. There are different things that we need to do this year. There are many more things that we need to improve on this year in our game. In my opinion, it’s an entirely different situation.

On being surprised by the amount of odd-man rushes San Jose has had:
I don’t know if surprised is the right word. If we’re not playing the way that were supposed to be, I think the coverage that we’re supposed to, then those types of things are going to happen. So we really have to clean that up in a hurry, because we’ve seen they’re very dangerous on the rush.