Good morning, San Jose - LA Kings Insider

Good morning, San Jose, and good morning, Northern California. Similar to the travel schedule between Games 3 and 4 in last year’s second round schedule, the Kings are commuting back to Los Angeles after the game tonight and will return once again on Saturday to avoid any potential lethargy of standing over their Game 2 golf shot for an extra day. This does not mean that there will be an extra Good morning, San Jose piece, because I’m actually flying up early Sunday morning and won’t have the expanse of a large window to gaze out of and shoot these widely acclaimed hastily taken photographs of life immediately outside the team hotel.

I didn’t fly with the team yesterday, either, and likely broke an FAA rule in capturing this video:

We landed on a different runway than the team plane usually lands, so the SAP Center and the western edge of downtown was more visible from the left side of the plane than during most landings. The right side of the plane affords a much more vivid view of the tall buildings upon approach, as the airport is immediately northwest of the city center.

There are no more Highlighted Local Artists from here on out. That’s a regular season feature in Good morning posts, and Game 1 of the playoffs takes place tonight. After the Sharks skate at 10:00 a.m., the Kings will take the ice at 11:30 for their morning skate. Interviews, lineup notes, and other morning bits will be posted between now and noon, while the afternoon will be comprised of the general gameday what-have-you, with an additional interview thrown in. There’s lots more to come on a busy day in the Bay Area…

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