March 14 media availability: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On facing San Jose for the third time in four seasons:
This group’s only played them once, for the most part, which would’ve been last year.

On whether this is the Kings’ biggest rivalry:
It’s playoffs, so it’s a rivalry.

On whether starting on the road affects the team’s play:
Well, obviously we hope it doesn’t. It’s a tough building. That’s a big part of their identity is their home ice, their crowd and their building, so obviously it’s a big challenge.

On what makes San Jose dangerous offensively:
They’re deep. It’s not just those three guys. I mean, they have really good balance up front.

On any constants in San Jose’s identity between when he coached the team and now:
There aren’t many players left from then. I think there’s Patrick Marleau, Scott Hannan and Brad Stuart. [Reporter: Nothing in general?] Well, if you’re a playoff team every year, then generally you’re a pretty good team. It’s not easy to make the playoffs.

On what he expects from Los Angeles’ fan support:
We expect a lot of fan support. We have great fans, and we have a great crowd, so that’s kind of what you expect. It’s the best time of the season to watch a game

On whether this is his favorite time of the year:
Of course it is. Why else would you do it if you couldn’t play games that matter? We’ve had a great regular season, and now we want to try and have a great playoffs. It’s not that hard to figure out.