April 14 media availability: Quick, Brown, Stoll - LA Kings Insider

Jonathan Quick, on San Jose’s offense:
They’re dangerous in all areas. They’re great in their own end and they have a great goaltender as well. Something that I’m going to have to pay more attention to is obviously the offense. They have some great skating defensemen that jump into the rush and challenge you with four on the rush. You really have to keep an eye out for that. They’re top two lines are highly skilled, good around the net. They’re bottom two lines are heavy, strong in the corners, strong in front. They’ve got a little bit of everything. We know what we’re getting with them. They know what they’re getting with us. You just have to prepare to win one game at a time.

Quick, on the rivalry with San Jose:
Obviously we’ve met for the third time in four years, so you create a little bad blood with individuals and with the team in general. It’ll make for a good series. We’re going to prepare to win game one and take it from there.

Quick, on Joe Thornton’s skill behind the net:
He’s really good at it. There are a lot of guys in the league that do it well. He does it probably better than most of them. Like I said earlier, we know what we’re getting with them. We’ve seen them do that plenty of times. Sometimes it’s worked, sometimes it hasn’t. It’s one of the many things we’re going to have to prepare for, especially for my position, it’s something that I have to pay attention to. Try to, as a team, limit the number of times he can create stuff from there.

Quick, on starting the series on the road:
It doesn’t matter where you play. You’re playing a game. You’ve got your 20 playing against they’re 20. Whatever is going on around you shouldn’t be your concern. It’s what’s going on, on the ice. They’re going to be wearing dark jerseys. We’re going to be wearing white jerseys. We’re trying to score more than them and give up less. So that’s the plan.

Quick, on San Jose being one of Los Angeles’ rivals:
Yeah, I’d say that. We’ve played them a few times in the postseason here, division rivals. So we play each other five times during the year, six times last year and years past. We certainly know a lot about them and they know a lot about us. It’s a one-game series and we’re trying to win four of them.

Dustin Brown, on San Jose’s forwards:
First and foremost, they have the high-end skill with Thornton’s vision and Marleau’s scored 35 goals for the last however many years. You’ve got younger guys like Pavelski and Couture that are – I think Pav got 40 for the first time in his career, which is not an easy thing to do in this league. I think it’s more about how they can spread it around. It’s not just one line that can do the damage. They have depth.

Brown, on shutting down San Jose’s forwards:
Like I said, for them I think it’s more about the group. We’re a pretty good team at defending. The important thing is to understand that they’re going to have those shifts, or a couple shifts in a row, where they’re peppering us and keeping us hemmed in our zone. It’s about limiting their grade-A scoring chances when they have those types of shifts. Every good offensive team will have those shifts where they just control the play in the offensive zone. It’s about preventing the big breakdown and bending and not breaking.

Brown, on needing to play well on the road, and similarities with the 2011-12 team:
I mean everyone compares or has asked that question. It can’t compare anything to that team in the sense of how things played out that year. I mean, every year is different. I think we’re comfortable on the road. We’ve shown that this year where we’ve had to go on the road and gut wins out. I think we’re comfortable going on the road. I don’t think that’s a problem for this team. The other side of the coin is I think San Jose was one of the best home teams in the league consistently over the last few years. It’s about doing the right things.

Brown, on whether San Jose is Los Angeles’ biggest rival:
It’s a toss-up between them and St. Louis really. I think that’s a byproduct of playing them in the playoffs. This will be our third time in three years. You grow that hate for each other when you play each other in the playoffs and I think the proximity of both being California teams definitely adds a little extra to it. [Reporter: Are you sick of these guys already?] For me, it’s just exciting to get going in meaningful games again.

Brown, on the chemistry between Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik:
I think they’ve played well together. I think it’s a byproduct of our team atmosphere actually, in the sense that it’s similar to when we traded for Carts. He fit right in very quickly and that’s, like I said, a result of the type of room we have, for one, and the type of players we have where a guy can come in a feel pretty comfortable right away. A lot of times, if he feels comfortable off the ice the on ice stuff takes care of itself really. [Reporter: They are two pretty creative guys anyways.] Kopi, I don’t know what else can be said about him, but everyone here knows how good of a player he is. Trading for Gabby, he’s a big name. You don’t really realize the little details of the game. I think one thing that stands out is everyone knew him as a goal score and how fast he is, but his play making ability is really good.

Brown, on the physicality of the series with San Jose:
I think St. Louis was more physical in the sense of body checks and that sort of thing. But the playoffs are always physical and it’s not always about the hits. It’s about stick checking and being strong on pucks and those types of physical battles that you’re going to be in on every play. I expect it to be a pretty typical playoff series.

Brown, on what was learned from the 2011 playoff series with San Jose:
I think probably the best way to say it is to learn how to win, you have to lose. That was a tough series considering the opportunity we had right in front of us and a 4-0 lead at home. It goes a long way in your development as an individual and more importantly, collectively as a team. That was a big series. We didn’t have Kopi, but we were in the series the whole way. Losing in overtime on home ice always leaves a sour taste in your mouth. As a group of guys, I think we took a step forward after that.

Brown, on Anze Kopitar’s regular season performance:
I think he’s gotten better every year, honestly. I don’t know where his point totals are. I don’t really look at points. But from the standpoint on the impact he’s had on this team, I think this is probably the biggest impact he’s had. Not only from the 200 foot game he plays, but finding big goals at big times. Last game was a good example. Two goals in the third when we needed two goals, that’s probably the next step in his progression is. He’s always been a solid player, now what he’s done this is finding a way to change the game at the right time.

Jarret Stoll, on San Jose’s offensive attack:
They’ve got great depth offensively and I think they cycle the puck well. They get on the forecheck. They get on you quick. We’re going to have to get back quick and out-support them basically. Out-support their forecheck and move the puck quickly out of our zone. We want to play in their zone. They want to play in our zone. That’s just the way every team is. We feel that we’ve got a great defensive team, a great goaltender – if not the best in the league. We’re confident with that side of our game. We just have to play the game offensively.

Stoll, on the challenges of playing in San Jose:
We’ve played well in that building. That’s the confidence we’re going to take in there. We’ve won in there before, this year and last year. Basically every year that I’ve been here, we’ve won in that building. That’s all I can say about that.

Stoll, on having fun playing San Jose in the playoffs:
Yeah, it’s fun. We’re going to have to go through them eventually. There are tough teams in the Western Conference, we know that and there is no easy series that’s for sure, no easy team. Yeah, we’re excited, excited to get them. A little rematch from last year, it should be fun.

Stoll, on having experience starting playoff series on the road:
It’s more a comfort level, comfort zone thing where we’re starting on the road just focusing on winning game one. That’s our only focus. Especially in this series, where we’re going in playing on a Thursday night and then flying home. That’s the very narrow focus we need to have, just go in and win game and come back and regroup and then get ready for game two… You have to win on the road, you have to win at home to win anything. That’s about it. [Reporter: Is there a different feel when you come home in the series?] Maybe a little bit, but it’s also good because it’s such a close trip and you’ve got San Jose and Anaheim out here where it’s a 50-minute flight or whatever it is to San Jose and then Anaheim. So the travel is good, especially at the start here. We’ll try to take advantage of that.

Stoll, on Jonathan Quick winning the Jennings Trophy:
It was great. We were talking about it a lot the last couple games. A lot of pride in that, it’s not just five or six guys that play that style of game or want to get that award. It’s a full team effort from our goaltenders on out and even coaching staff. I know they’re proud of it, we’re proud of it. It’s quite an honor.

Stoll, on this season being Anze Kopitar’s best regular season performance:
Maybe overall, yeah. The game from below our goal line to the game at their net, it’s a full game for him all the time. He’s very consistent, not that he wasn’t before, but dominating too at some points. You saw last game, he just took over the game and tied it up for us. There have been many, many games like that for us this year. We know what we’ve got in Kopi and we’re lucky to have him. Thankful to have him and we’re going to need him amongst a lot of other guys to win this series.