April 12 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On clinching at least a tie for the Jennings Trophy:
Well, I think one of our little goals coming into the season was to get better in that area. We knew coming into this game that nobody in our conference could catch us, and that’s sort of all I thought about.

On Saturday’s game being a strong example of Anze Kopitar’s season:
He’s had a really good regular season. He’s clearly the MVP of our team this year, for sure, in the regular season. He’s played the last little bit like he’s getting ready for the next step.

On when the team expects to start the playoffs:
There are games still tomorrow. We assume it’s Wednesday or Thursday, depending on if there’s still some playoffs, things that haven’t [been determined]. So we’ll just wait. It’s what I told the guys. You know, as soon as we know, they’ll know, but a lot of times we all see it on TV, right?

On whether the team is in as good of physical shape as can be expected:
Yeah, I just think the way we used guys the last little bit helped us. We’re not in a position, cap-wise or call-up wise to sit anybody that didn’t play, other than Tanner, the last two games. Robyn and Drew are banged up, so it was good to get Robyn. Back because he hadn’t played. He finished the game in San Jose that Drew got hurt in, and the only reason he finished was because we knew Drew was out. It was good to get him back, because he needed that. With Drew, I kind of made that decision five or six days away that he wasn’t playing anymore…He could’ve played tonight, for sure. He was 100%. But he didn’t, and he’ll have three or four days and away we go.

On it being the last time he coached against Teemu Selanne, even if he wasn’t playing:
Well, I don’t expect it to be the last game we play against Teemu Selanne, and I’ve talked enough about Teemu. You guys just go back. I’ve said that enough. I’ve coached Teemu in the league. I’m glad he was recognized tonight, and I hope that board works for him. It looked nice. Jeez, didn’t it? He’s a great player. He’s had a great career.