April 12 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On how he looks back at the regular season at Game 82:
Seasons go fast. You practice, and you fly and you play. They all go really fast. Our team’s had a really good regular season. That’s the bottom line.

On the start of the first round series against San Jose:
We’ll wait to see what they tell us. The longer, as much time as we can get is obviously better. I kind of laughed when [reporter] was talking about calling guys up or resting players. I mean, at some point somebody should explain to these guys that that’s not the way it works now. You get a 23-man roster, and you have a salary cap, so you have to play players. So it’s how you use them that’s different. So that’s all tonight does. Obviously we lost four or five games. We’ve used guys different. When we find out when we play, then that’ll affect you going into what becomes a two-week schedule. That’s what rounds are. You’ve got to play seven games in two weeks. So then once we get the schedule, then we can work on that.

On whether he’d prefer long breaks in advance of the playoffs, or a more routine schedule:
Well, obviously this year is different because there’s not as far of travel in the first round. Last year it was quite a bit different. There was a whole day of travel. This is different.

On whether Robyn Regehr will play tonight:
Everybody is ready to go. So it’s how we look at it. And that’s the truth.