February 21 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Canada’s win over the United States:
It was kind of what I said yesterday. It was a hell of a game. Quickie made some big saves, especially on Drew and Jeff in the first period.

On Jeff Carter’s first period:
He’s determined. He’s a fast guy, he handles the puck. They’re using him in lots of situations. They’re using him on power play, killing penalties. That tells you he’s playing well.

On the Kings playing for the United States:
Jonathan – they’re going to say he’s been their best player, and he has been. And Dustin plays a role on their team. They cut down to three lines, and so did Canada.

On where the team is at after three practices:
Today was a tough day for our guys. Everybody was watching the game this morning, so it took a while to get ‘em going out there. [Reporter: It looked like yesterday, as you said, there were the down low drills. More of that today?] Just continue on. Just do it in special teams. Today we did some more coverage stuff, rush coverage stuff, which is harder to do as you go along. Work hard tomorrow and get a day off and then get two good practices in with elevation.

On whether the team is traveling to Denver a day early because of the elevation:
Not really. That wasn’t the thought. The thought was we didn’t know how many guys would be playing in the gold medal game. We knew we weren’t going to get those guys until Colorado.

On Jamie Storr participating in practice for the third straight day:
Good for him. I had seen Brent Krahn in Calgary – he was going to go on with them. And then Aaron Miller – I just told him, ‘What are you doing? We’ve only got five D.’ We could use him. Six guys. Should be able to.

On former players filling in at practice:
You’re seeing it around the league. Teams are short of guys, so there are guys that get the chance to do it again. It’s special for them. A lot of the guys were out of contracts, right? It’s not like they retired. They were out of contracts, and the way the game has gone. You know, they’re not old guys.

On whether he had to tell the players to take it easy on Storr:
No, I mean guys are naturally going to do that. It’s no different than when we played and a goalie was hurt and somebody else would come out, so you’d try and make sure you didn’t hit him where you shouldn’t.