January 28 postgame quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On the struggle to score goals:
Phoenix did a really good job – I don’t know how many shots we had, but I don’t know how many really good chances we actually had. That’s probably a bit of them playing really well, and us not getting hungry enough to get to the dirty areas. I mean, if we want to score goals, that’s what we have to get back to doing, is getting guys in and around the net consistently.

On whether the struggle to score has led to a “fragile” confidence:
This has been our team for five years, so I think we’re well versed in going through these stretches, unfortunately, but we also know how to play on the other side of the puck really well, which allows us to go into San Jose and win one-nothing. Tonight they get a goal early, and when you’re struggling to find goals, that’s one of those where we have to try and get the next one, and they ended up getting it on the power play.

On whether the team is looking forward to returning home:
This home stand’s huge for us. You look at the standings, the Pacific Division, these next four games could be the biggest four games of the year. Going into the break and coming out of the break, I don’t know how all that plays out, how players react, and teams react going into the break. It could be a turning point for a lot of teams, and we have to focus on having a good home stand.

On the team’s play:
It’s one of those things – like, as a team, I think we’re able to weather through this stuff. We’ve done it in the past. That, I think, lends itself to the trust we have in this room. Being able to figure it out, it may take us some time, but we’re able to grind through it together. That’s what we need to do. It’s great when you’re scoring five goals a game, and everything’s easy and you’re winning games. It’s times like these where we’re struggling to win games and we’re struggling to score goals that it’s important for us to believe in what we have here.