Jeff Carter Talks Olympics - LA Kings Insider

On if he was surprised when he was told he made Team Canada:
You know what, I really didn’t know what was going to happen. You look at the guys that they had to choose from – there’s so many guys, so many different scenarios they needed to look at. Obviously it’s a huge honor. Definitely excited and should be a good time. [Reporter: Because you didn’t know if you would make it, was it more special when you found out you made it?] Yeah, it was a good wake up call. It was something that I worked for, for a while now – missing out four years ago. It’s kind of a goal of mine to leave it all out there and give myself the best chance possible to make it. I’m just excited that it all worked out.

On being criticized by Canadians for making the team over others:
There’s a lot of coaches out there, a lot of GMs. I think I can bring a lot to the team, obviously with speed and size. I feel like I can put the puck in the net if given the opportunity. I’m just excited to be on it.

On playing on the bigger ice surface in the Olympics:
Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve played on big ice. A big part of my game is getting the puck and going, getting speed up the walls. So a little extra room out there, it should be a lot of fun.

On when he got the call that he made the team:
I got the call this morning from Chiarelli. [Reporter: Was that the 6:30 a.m. call?] I got a seven. I answered mine too. Short and sweet – he just congratulated me on making the team and few words and that was about it.

On what he did after learning he was an Olympian:
I laid back down for another half-hour.

On how he is staying focused on the Kings while preparing for the Olympics:
It’s not hard. We’re in a fight here for the playoffs, for playoff position. You look at it, you lose a game and you lose spots. Everybody that’s had the opportunity or has the opportunity to go there, we’re not too worried about that right now. Worry about it when the time comes.

On being Olympic teammates with five players who he won gold with at the World Juniors in 2005:
It’s fun. There’s a lot of guys on that team that I played with all the way up World Juniors, under-18’s, everything. It’s always fun when we get to play with them again, so I’m looking forward to it.

On the loss to Minnesota:
We had a lot of chances. Their goalie played well, have to give him credit. Made a lot of opportunities to put the puck in the net and we need to start bearing down on them. It’s kind of been a problem for us as far as lately getting some goals. So we really need to work on it.

On if he is starting to get excited for the outdoor game:
Yeah, it is. It’s an exciting part of the year obviously. I think it’s one where everyone is circling on the calendar. It’s coming up quick. It’s going to be a fun day for everybody involved – family, friends, team, everybody. So I think it’s one the guys are looking forward to.

On how important the game in Anaheim before the Stadium Series game will be:
Yeah, the league did a good job with that one. Playing Anaheim now it’s really turned into a pretty good rivalry for us. I know you guys try to blow it up as much as you can, but it really has over the last couple years turned into some good hockey – some good, fast-paced, skill, banging, pretty much a little bit of everything. It will be nice to kind of getting going there a little bit a couple days before and then get outside and have a good game.