January 4 postgame quotes: Jonathan Quick - LA Kings Insider

On getting into a rhythm:
No matter what, it’s always good to see a few shots early. It gets you in the game. That was the case for both goalies tonight. We saw a good amount of shots early, and it got us into the game. It was a good hockey game. It was back and forth. Both teams had chances. We’re fortunate to get the two points.

On whether he felt any “rust”:
No, if I was feeling rust, I wouldn’t have told them I was ready to go.

On his late saves on Daniel Sedin:
Somebody made a good past. He was just driving the net. He kind of poked it, and then he got a rebound on it, too. I control that first one, then there’s no second one. So, clean that up.

On whether it’s important to be in good shape in advance of the Olympics:
When I told the coach I was ready to go, you’re in shape to play, no matter what they’re going to throw at you. So you’re prepared no matter what’s going to come your way.

On whether he paid attention to the potential match-up between Olympic goalies:
No, it was L.A. versus Vancouver.

On whether he expects to play on Tuesday:
Ask that question down the hall. That’s not my call. [Reporter: But you’re ready to play Tuesday.] Yeah, I’ve had two months rest…

On winning a game after the Kings were “struggling”:
I wouldn’t say ‘struggling.’ We’ve had some games where we’ve played well, and we just didn’t catch the bounces. We haven’t won in five. That’s what it was. But I don’t think ‘struggling’ is the word. We’ve had a few of those games where we’ve played really good hockey games, and we just didn’t catch the bounces. One-goal games, that’s the way it is. That happens. [Reporter: Maybe they were missing you.] There were 20 games before that where they were winning, so I don’t know if that was the problem.