December 30 morning skate quotes: Dwight King - LA Kings Insider

On the backchecking by Chicago forwards:
They obviously use their speed on their backcheck. They come back. They’re not obviously a huge group, besides a couple of them, but they’re good with their sticks. They look to separate the puck from the opposition and use their speed going the opposite way. You have to be aware of where they are with their sticks more importantly than their bodies.

On Nashville’s success in blocking shots:
I think most teams try to position themselves to block shots. Obviously, the more you move, the harder it is to block shots. A goal of ours is, like you said, to throw everything at the net. So, when you do that they tend to be in the shooting lane a little bit more. But that’s something that personally you kind of work towards getting that extra step or else moving the puck an extra foot so you can get around them.

On whether the previous Chicago loss affects the team for tonight’s game:
I mean, obviously we lost. You don’t want to lose to any team, especially not two in a row. So I think that’s fresh in a lot of guys’ minds. But, like you said, it’s a new game. I think we just want to get back to establishing our game. Like you said, preparation for our team doesn’t change much game to game, but we know that we have a big challenge ahead of us.