December 19 postgame quotes: Jones, Toffoli - LA Kings Insider

Martin Jones, on whether he pays attention to the historical significance of his recent success:
I try not to worry about that. Just focus on the next game.

Jones, on San Jose’s presence in front of the net:
Yeah, they did a good job in front of the net. Getting in front, screening, tipping and creating those scrambles in front, they did a really good job of that tonight.

Jones, on whether he allows himself to appreciate his run without it interfering with his success:
I mean, I’m happy with the way I’ve played thus far. But again, we’ve got two more games here until the break, and we’ve got to make sure we close things out in the right way.

Jones, on how much“fun” he has had in his run:
I mean, it’s fun. Again, I’ve said it a hundred times here. It’s a start, and I want to make sure we close out these last two games and keep working and doing the things that have made me successful here.

Tyler Toffoli, on Martin Jones:
He made some really huge saves. For myself, it’s just another game. He’s just so steady. You can’t say anything nicer about the way he’s playing. He’s playing unbelievable and definitely helping us win games. [Reporter: Is he always that calm?] Yeah, it’s just the way he is. He’s such a big goalie. He’s in the right spot. Even when he’s scrambling, we’re there to help him out. Obviously, a couple good bounces going our way, but that’s just the way hockey is. We just have to keep playing steady hockey in front of him and helping him out.

Toffoli, on his goal:
As soon as I jumped on the ice I knew that all five of their guys were going on. I think me and Lewey were both breaking there and Slava made a nice pass to me. I saw the far side was open. I just shot it. [Reporter: What about the pass to Slava?] That’s the way hockey is. It’s a smart play.