December 17 postgame quotes: Martin Jones - LA Kings Insider

On how hard he has worked to reach this point:
The last three or four years, being in the minors, you learn how to be a pro and how to approach on and off-the-ice stuff, and the details that make you a good pro. I’ve put in a lot of work the last little bit, and it’s nice to see some results here.

On whether the players have helped to keep him levelheaded:
They do a good job of that. That’s not a problem. They make sure they keep me level here.

On the adjustments he has made in his game:
I mean, there’s a lot – just little things I’ve worked on in the last few years. It’s not changing my game a whole lot to come up here. It’s just kind of picking up the speed of everything, and the game’s quicker, the shots are quicker, and just getting up to speed with that. [Reporter: But the defense is probably better, too.] I mean, I’ve said it a hundred times – these guys have been unbelievable in front of me. The way they clear the net and pick up sticks, there were a couple plays in the first and second periods where they made some great little plays that not a lot of people notice in front of the net. They’ve done a great job helping me out.

On whether the players trust him in net:
I hope so. That’s my job. I don’t want to come in and be a liability. I want to come in and help these guys win hockey games. Trust is a big thing with that, I guess.

On whether Jonathan Quick has offered him any encouragement:
Yeah, Quickie’s been great. He’s been talking a little bit here and there. It’s been good. It’s been a good start. All the guys have been great in the room.