November 30 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether the lack of scoring is due to a “lack of finish”:
Yep. Finish.

On Calgary’s game-winning goal:
You know what? That’s a bad play all the way around. That’s five guys, all the way around. I mean, the pucks behind their goalie with less than a minute left. Kinger should not chase behind. That’s a big point. You’ve got a point. You come back and get that. Kinger shouldn’t chase behind the net. Mike and Jeff can stay over top. Puck gets chipped into neutral. Robyn’s at the blue line, can make the play all the up. And then Cammalleri – Cammalleri’s a killer. Every game that Cammy plays in here is like a home game for him, and he did it again tonight. Out-battles Voynov, gets to the net.

On whether conceding a goal on a five-minute power play was a turning point:
Yeah, it is but it didn’t break anything. It’s not really a turning point when you come back. We made it 1-1.

On whether the team is ever guilty of playing to the level of the competition:
I don’t think so. I mean, otherwise, you’d be what the win-loss average in the league is.

On recording [19] giveaways:
I didn’t think we did.

On whether it’s good to return and play St. Louis on Monday:
You know what? We’ve got to find that energy again. I think we’ve played all those overtime games in a row, which adds a lot, and those two emotional games that we played. I think that was what we were lacking in our game tonight. [Reporter: Is that more mental fatigue or physical fatigue, playing all those overtime games?] I think both. We played four overtime games in a row.