November 25 morning skate quotes: Nolan, Scrivens - LA Kings Insider

Jordan Nolan, on his health:
I feel good right now. I’m ready to go. It is just up to coach if he is putting me in tonight or not, but I’m ready to go.

Nolan, on his hit on Peter Harrold in New Jersey:
I wasn’t feeling quite right after that hit. So I took a few days, and now I feel like I’m back to 100-percent right now.

Nolan, on what worked well in the previous win over Vancouver:
I think we just came out [and] we played the game we needed to play. We were relentless on the forecheck. We played big, strong, physical and we shut the Sedins down, which is a big part of the game. We just played L.A. hockey.

Nolan, on whether shutting down the Sedins is the key to beating Vancouver:
They are a big part of their team. They kind of get the ball rolling for them. So if we play physical on them, it definitely does a lot of damage. So hopefully if we do the right work on them it will pay off.

Nolan, on seeing Brad Richardson in a Canucks jersey:
It’s good. He is a good player and he didn’t too play much here and he felt like he needed a better opportunity. It looks like he is getting it here in Vancouver. It looks like he is enjoying himself here, playing a lot, and he is doing well, so it’s nice to see. It should be fun going against him tonight.

Ben Scrivens, on whether he is “in a groove”:
You try to not put yourself in a state like that, because when things go the other way, now you’re ‘Well, I’m just out of it right now.’ You try and approach it is as an individual state, I guess. Each game you should try and give it your best effort and try and stop as many shots as possible. And then we let the descriptors – the adjectives to describe how we are playing – fall on you guys.

Scrivens, on facing a Vancouver team “hungry for goals”:
They’re a good team. Obviously they’ve some really dangerous guys offensively so we’re going to have to be aware and cognizant of what they’ve going on. Our coaches have done a good job of getting our team prepared. It’s going to come down to, I guess, who executes better.

Scrivens, on ranking second in league save percentage behind former teammate James Reimer:
I try not to play head games with myself, but obviously I’ve paid attention to Reims. He is a good buddy. I’m really happy for him that he is doing well. He’s putting up good numbers. I sent him a text the other day saying ’50 shots, how am I going to compete with that?’ He had a great one against the Caps and I’m really happy for him.