November 23 postgame quotes: Ben Scrivens - LA Kings Insider

On whether there was a “different team mentality” tonight:
For myself, not personally. I try to approach every game the same. It’s hard to win in this league, so you can’t take any nights for granted. Obviously, you’ve got to respect Colorado. They’re a good team. They find ways to win. I don’t think a lot of people had them where they are in the league, currently, at the start of the season., or before the season. I’ve got to give a ton of credit to them. They’re a a really hardworking team, and they found a way to win it tonight. We’ve got to, again, look at the positives…in this game, and take our point and keep moving forward.

On the team’s performance:
I mean, they’re playing well defensively. That’s the biggest thing I can notice. But, again, I’m not an X-and-O’s guy. That’s our coaching staff. That’s the analysts. That’s you guys. You guys get to have fun and break it down each play and each shift. I just try to focus on stopping the puck. These guys are helping me do that, so that’s a good thing.

On the game-winning goal:
I saw it as an odd-man rush. I think I saw it as a three-on-one, with one of our guys coming in late. I had to kind of watch my depth a little bit, and they made the sauce pass over. The guy got good wood on it. I was able to get across, and it just got me on the right side of my chest. Tough to control that rebound, but I’ve guess I’ve got to find a way to squeeze that a little better.

On keys to facing good team speed as a goaltender:
You always have to be aware of their rush chances. They’ve got some skilled guys who can really do some damage with just a shot. It’s always that happy medium. You can’t be too aggressive, but you can’t be sitting on your goal line, either. Obviously I think I did an all right job of measuring my gaps and my depth, but they’re a team that can score a lot of different ways – in zone, off the rush, on the power play. I thought we did a good job of neutralizing them for the most part, but just couldn’t find a way to beat Varlamov.