November 21 postgame quotes: Ben Scrivens - LA Kings Insider

On the overtime loss to New Jersey:
I thought we played pretty well. We generated our fair share of chances. Ran into a hot goalie. Schneider played a great one tonight. Sometimes you get the bounces. We’ve been getting bounces going our way the last few games. Just couldn’t get enough to go for us, but we’ve got to take as many positives as we can, and make sure that this is a one-time thing. I’m happy with the effort, but not the result.

On any extra pressure knowing the Kings were heavily out-chancing the Devils:
You try not to put any more pressure on yourself than what’s already there. It’s the same approach. You guys love the question, ‘Do you guys need a bunch of shots to get into it early,’ but this is one of those games where it doesn’t happen. You can’t put yourself behind the eight ball and use a few number of shots as an excuse. They generated some flurries. They just didn’t get the puck on net. They had some action in our zone, but I’ve got to find a way to come up with two more saves here.

On the positives to take from the game:
I’m not an X-and-O’s guy. I’ll leave that up to the coaching staff to make sure that we see the right things and get our head geared towards the next game. ‘Effort’ is the easiest one to see, so I thought our effort was good.

On whether he is aware when specific players, such as Jaromir Jagr, are on the ice:
I mean, I don’t stare at their bench and watch who hops every time. You have a general understanding. You try and play every guy honestly. It’s not like you change your pattern or your setup all that much depending on who’s coming down on you. You try and play it as honestly as possible and give yourself as many chances to make saves as you can.