Quick, Kings to be featured on NHL Revealed - LA Kings Insider

The Los Angeles Kings will be among the teams featured in NHL Revealed: A Season Like No Other, a seven-part series that will showcase the on and off-ice personalities of players participating in the NHL Stadium Series, the Heritage Classic and the Winter Olympics. The NBCSN and CBC-broadcast show will debut on January 22 (NBCSN)/January 23 (CBS) and will highlight Jonathan Quick amongst a group of players that also includes Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, John Tavares and Henrik Lundqvist.

In addition to the January 22 premiere, American viewers will be treated to subsequent episodes of NHL Revealed on January 29, February 5, February 27 (two hours), March 6 and March 13.

Ross Greenburg, who will serve as an executive producer on behalf of the NHL and has won more than 50 Sports Emmys, is the former HBO Sports President who was the executive producer of the original 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic.

According to Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of IMG Productions, Steve Mayer, the first two episodes of the series will focus heavily on the Kings and Ducks in advance of the first Stadium Series game, held on January 25 at Dodger Stadium.

“But once that stadium series game is over that doesn’t mean we are done with the Ducks and the Kings,” Mayer said on a Monday conference call. “In fact, we will stay with those story lines we have started and developed, and we will take those obviously through the Olympics and then all the way through as both of those teams push for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Yes, we will highlight them at the beginning, and yes, you will see in episode number two at that great game at Dodger Stadium, but that’s not the end of the Corry Perrys and Drew Doughtys of the world. We will take those all the way through to the end of the series.”

NHL Chief Operating Officer John Collins sees the narratives offered by the Dodger Stadium outdoor game as an important springboard to a compelling series.

“I think actually the whole Ducks-Kings opportunities is one of the great reasons why we have done the Stadium Series games. Both have obviously won a Stanley Cup recently,” Collins said on Monday’s conference call.

“Southern California has begun to really contribute players to the NHL and certainly in the last few drafts. To have been in Los Angeles when the Kings won the Cup and see the sort of support they were able to get, the Stadium Series allows us to try to get back into that market and recreate that kind of momentum. I think it is a great association for the Ducks and the Kings to be able to be hosted and welcomed at Dodger Stadium at the time we were there in the middle of kind of a Dodgers pennant race. I think to be able to have that game the night before the Grammys in L.A. is going to be really a fun night. It will sort of renew, I think, a lot of what people felt about how strong the game is and how many hockey fans are in California, much the way the New York Super Bowl is going to create the opportunity for us to have two games at Yankee Stadium.”

Though hockey teams often have the tendency to be reserved when it comes to providing comprehensive access, it is a trend that has drifted in the opposite direction with the popularity of HBO’s 24/7 and NBCSN’s NHL 36. Darryl Sutter didn’t feel that the additional cameras within the dressing room to highlight Mike Richards as part of NHL 36 late in the 2011-12 season provided much of a distraction and that the upcoming access is part of the overall promotion of the league’s outdoor games.

“We’ve had that before,” he said. “I think it was the Mike Richards thing. It’s not something that’s new to us. They work with us pretty closely, and the way our schedule is, it’s pretty jammed up, and so there are ‘pick-and-choose’ days. It’s…two or three days. We’re one of those teams that are playing outdoor games. So all the teams get it.”

Tickets for the Kings-Ducks Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium will go on sale Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. I’ll have an LAKings.com feature on Darryl Sutter’s background as a baseball player and baseball fan later this week on LAKings.com.