November 15 postgame quotes: Anze Kopitar - LA Kings Insider

On what back-to-back narrow wins means for the team:
It says a lot about the character. Last night, being down two, keep believing we could come back and we can turn that thing around and we did. Tonight we faced a tough, tough team. They were playing really well I thought but we battled through it.

On the team’s physical play:
We try to play as physical as we can and tonight was one of those games where we did out-hit the [other] team. But at the end of the day we got the two points, and that is the most important.

On if he is happy with the team’s play:
Yeah, I think so. We obviously would like to have…less injuries. I think we are on the right path. There is still another level we can reach and we are striving towards that.

On if the Kings are taking some of the Lakers spotlight:
I don’t know about that. I think the Clippers did that pretty well this year, but we are getting there. [Reporter: Are you developing more fans, I mean?] Yeah I think so. I think more and more people recognize us around town so it is pretty cool to see. [Reporter: Do you like that?] Yeah, I mean it doesn’t hurt you if a couple of fans, once in a while, say hi to you.

On how Ben Scrivens has been playing:
He’s been great for us. I mean he has been solid…especially in the first tonight. We weathered the storm and he was a big part of it. He made some key saves and it’s great to see him step in like he’s stepping in right now with Quickie being out. He has definitely rose to the occasion and he’s solid back there.