November 12 postgame quotes: Sutter, Toffoli - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter, on what he takes from the shootout loss:
We’re probably going to look at it and say we should’ve had two points.

Sutter, on Jonathan Quick’s status:
I didn’t really check.

Sutter, on dominating shots and chances:
At the end of the day, it’s one-nothing. You have a chance to go up two-nothing several [times] and don’t. That probably ends up being the difference.

Sutter, on whether he remembers a time in coaching or playing when a goalie is substituted so late in the game, doesn’t face any shots, and takes a loss in the shootout:
Generally it doesn’t happen. Obviously we’ve seen some quirky things where guys have put goalies in for shootouts – different things like that. The reason you’re asking is because you don’t see it very often, right? [Reporter: Do you say anything to Scrivens at that point when he goes in? Any words of encouragement?] No. You know what? When a goalie goes in that late in a game in a close game, he’s stretching, he’s focused.

Sutter, on what he has liked from Dwight King, Mike Richards and Tyler Toffoli:
Well, he scored a big goal. If you’re taking it just from tonight, they were on for the first one that Buff scored, and then they scored the one that goes up.

Sutter, on Dwight King being on pace for more than 20 goals:
I think that’s what was expected last year. When you look at it, in his first year when we called him up, whateverhe did in that time it’s not really a surprising thing. His playoff numbers reflect that, if you look at it, for a young player. His playoff numbers reflect that he’s capable of being a 20-goal scorer.

Tyler Toffoli, on the shootout loss:
I think we just came out and didn’t capitalize on our chances early, and they stayed in the game, and obviously they won.

Toffoli, on Dwight King’s goal:
Rick and Kinger were on the forecheck, and I was kind of F3. Rick had a good stick, and kind of hit it to me, and I shot it, and I think it hit off two, three guys right onto Kinger’s stick. It was just a good forecheck.