Very important tweets - LA Kings Insider

This headline is misleading. There is actually only one important tweet, and it comes to you from Lisa Dillman of the LA Times:

And so concludes the informative segment of this post.

Now for the unimportant part. Upon arriving at LAX this morning, there were identical Delta charters parked side by side, as the Buffalo-bound Kings and Florida-bound Ducks saw their travel schedules overlap.

Very well, then. This isn’t the first time the Kings and Ducks have departed LAX at the same time. Nothing to see here, right? Well…

So Alec Martinez, who had previously commented on Dustin Penner’s late night tweeting habits aboard the Ducks’ charter, throws in a classic Dumb and Dumber clip. Good natured chirping. All in good fun.

As for Penner’s “We’ll take off 1st here” quote, Willie Mitchell takes it a step further.

It’s not like that comment isn’t going to draw an immediate response from Penner.

I still have a feeling that’s 99.6% in good fun.

Internet willing, more updates of substance will be posted before we cross the Mississippi River.