November 2 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the penalty kill:
I’m just thinking about the two goals and looking at them. The first one was Willie Mitchell, who’s supposed to be a good penalty killer, and he lets Legwand walk off the wall and shoot it. And the second one, Greene and Willie, both are supposed to be good penalty killers and both are not doing anything so obviously we got to look at the people we’re using on the penalty kill.

On the details of the penalty kill:
We kill similar to a lot of other teams but when there’s one guy breaking down…we need some goaltending too.

On Tyler Toffoli:
Give them credit. Those kids had a long day yesterday. They didn’t get into John Wayne until 10:30 last night so they didn’t get here until midnight. They were gone basically the whole day. But he had a strong game.

On Dustin Brown:
They were in the third period there. We were short guys. Stoll went out early, so obviously we used a shorter bench. He’s the one guy that can go both sides. [I] just put King with Richards…and Tyler.

On missing Jarret Stoll:
He went out early. He did it in the first period. He wasn’t very effective.

On being 5-3 at home after 19-4-1 last year:
I don’t know what last year has to do with this year. [Reporter: Should you be better than five-and-three at home?] It doesn’t matter where you are. If you’re going to get four goals against you, you’re going to lose.

On anything he can share about Stoll:
Not really…No. Nothing we can say until we get him looked at.