Muzzin discusses the Doughty pairing, Snapchat - LA Kings Insider

Jake Muzzin, on seeing an increase in time alongside Drew Doughty:
Playing with Greener is awesome and playing with anyone – these guys are good defenders. With Dewey, he is an offensive player as well, so maybe we can create a little more offensively, but same rules and responsibilities apply. Got to be strong in our zone – maybe a little more ice time – but like I said before, you have to play the same way. Play hard, play a good defensive game and then when offense comes then you can jump in but we got to look after our own zone first then go from there.

Muzzin, on whether his game changes based on who he is paired with:
I think you can compare to Greener. Obviously Drew is more offensive so you can try some more things offensively, but you still have to play your game and you play hard and play strong in your own zone first, and then with Dewey maybe hop up in the offense a little bit more.

Muzzin, on Toffoli and Vey on the verge of a call-up:
I talk to them through text and I get Snapchats from them all time. We communicate a little bit. I am sure they are excited, they want to be here and they are two skilled guys coming in. It will be exciting to see how they do. [Reporter: What do you guys send on snapchats?]…Some Halloween costumes recently and their Halloween party that they went to and some of the bowling plays they had. That’s all I can reveal.

Muzzin, on Wednesday’s win over San Jose:
San Jose is the number one team and we knew we had a big challenge ahead and coming off a loss we wanted to come back with a great effort and I think for a full 60, 65 minutes we had a good effort. We knew going into the third we had to get one and force OT, and our record in overtime and shootout is pretty healthy right now. We had a good attitude going in and the guys were excited and we went out and got it done.

Muzzin, on what was important to get the win:
It’s not really one key. It’s creating a good identity at home and coming out against a good team and having a good feeling in the room. Losing sucks, so we want to win and we don’t want to lose two in a row. It was just a good effort, the guys played hard. Quickie was good and our PP stepped up, we got two and a big win for our club. [Reporter: It’s human nature to step up against the number one team in the league.] Yeah, you want to go out and prove it. We feel that we’ve got a great team in here too.

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Kopitar, on whether he needs to shoulder any offensive burden with Jeff Carter out:
No, I don’t think so. We’ve got the confidence in everybody in here is going to pick up whatever needs to be picked up. Personally, I’m going to go out there and do the same stuff over and over again, and that’s really all I can do, and all everybody else can do. It’s just normal, focusing on our game, and not trying to do too much.

Darryl Sutter, on the team’s performance against San Jose:
Well, we finished a three-in-four. Quite honest, it was a tough hall, and I’m glad we had a day off yesterday. We can’t ask much more of our players.

Sutter, on whether there was a “playoff-type feel” at times in the San Jose game:
There’s good matchups between the two teams in terms of how they play. Obviously I’m already thinking about the next game. That game’s pretty much centermen-on-centermen. It’s the way it works when you think about it, and that just tells you the strength of those players. We’re assuming with the type of centermen that we’re playing tomorrow that they’ll be important for us, too.