A note on Suite Nights; deadline extended - LA Kings Insider


The comments made on this blog as I attempted to promote a Suite Night were taken very seriously. Multiple sources were consulted from both inside and outside the Kings Digital Media team and Staples Center Ticketing to ultimately make a decision that stretched beyond the promotion of the upcoming event on October 19, and into the more abstract questions of whether Suite Nights were beneficial for this blog community and should continue.

The answer we came up with was a resounding “Yes.” I hope many of you who had previously expressed concerns about the means in which the October 19 Suite Night against Dallas will be handled will reconsider as we expect this to be a great and fun-filled evening.

Our findings after using multiple channels to determine the exact nature of Frank Robledo’s transactions in setting up Suite Nights came to the firm conclusion that he only served as a liaison and whose only benefit, from many hours of work, came in the form of free tickets for himself and his family. Frank’s relationship was very similar to what hundreds of fans do each year to coordinate group outings to games with friends and family. We call these individuals our “group leaders” and they play a significant role in the coordination of these events.

In addition, AEG, Staples Center, and those whose services are occasionally promoted on LA Kings Insider will never be used to compromise your personal information or put your money in unsavory hands.

That said, in an effort to avoid any further confusion, we have decided that following the event on October 19, all future Suite Nights will be handled internally by the Los Angeles Kings ticketing department.

I ask that each of you please understand that the sole purpose of these events is to bring the LA Kings Insider community together, in a large group, and share in the excitement and passion for the Los Angeles Kings and NHL hockey. You, as a consumer, have the right not to attend. If that choice is made because you feel your money had changed hands illegitimately, or that your financial and personal information had been compromised, you are misinformed. All ticket sales and all payments were run through AEG ticketing and Staples Center for all previous Insider events, including this one. In the future, they will all run directly through the Kings ticketing office.

I have heard how much fun Suite Nights have been, and I look forward to getting together with all of you on October 19. This will be a fantastic night.

Thank you for the ongoing conversation,
Jon Rosen

Note: The deadline to purchase tickets for the LA Kings Insider suite on October 19 has been extended to 5 p.m. on October 11.

To purchase please click on the link below and follow these steps:

1. Click this link
2. Click “Find Tickets”
3. Choose Special Offer Code – type kingsinsider (one word, all lowercase) – then click verify
4. Choose “Create an Account” – Add your email address and click “Sign Up Now”. You have to build an account as a first time purchaser before ordering tickets. If you already have an account from last year, use the same email and password. If you forgot your password, please reset it.

Note there will be a $1.25 processing fee per ticket purchased.