Postgame quotes: Sutter, Doughty, Kopitar, Nolan - LA Kings Insider

Darryl Sutter, on the quick start:
Well, we play 60 minutes. Try and win a period at a time, a shift at a time. He made a good play. Robyn, Drew, Willie, Kopi.

Sutter, on whether it’s encouraging to have a strong special teams performance so close to the season:
Well, we’ve been working on our power play. Obviously we want to pick up where we left off last year with our power play, and we want to stay out of the penalty box. If you combine those two things, it sure helps your penalty kill.

Sutter, on Drew Doughty wearing an “A”:
Higher expectations of Drew.

Sutter, on one preseason game remaining:
Still getting guys game-ready. A lot of guys that aren’t. Again, I’m not really interested in the outcome. I’m more interested in the input. Got some guys that have got a lot of work to do still.

Drew Doughty, on what wearing an “A” on his jersey means:
I love it. It seems like I’m kind of down the line to ever be one of those with this team, just because we have so much veteran presence and experience on the team. But whether I’m wearing it or not, I’ve really stepped up my leadership abilities, and I’m definitely a leader on this team whether or not I have that on my sweater. To have it is an honor, and I definitely want to be a guy that wears it one day.

Doughty, on whether Darryl talked to him before giving him the “A”:
No, I just showed up, and it was on my jersey. The boys were kind of chirping me a little bit, but I loved it. Like I said, whether or not I wear it, I’ll take on that role, and I know that this team needs me to be that leader.

Doughty, on his excitement to finally start the season:
I’m pretty excited to get this last one played and get the season going. That’s what what we work all summer, we work all training camp to do, is to get that season rolling and play that first game, play that home opener. The guys are really excited.

Doughty, on the special teams performance:
Yeah, for sure. To be a good team this year, you need to have good special teams. Our PK was great. It hasn’t been very good so far this preseason, but tonight we didn’t let ‘em score any. That’s huge for us. Confidence is the number one thing on power play and penalty kill, so we’re off on the right foot on both.

Anze Kopitar, on the amount of emphasis the team placed on having a strong start:
I mean, we always want to have a strong start. Some starts are better than others. Tonight, I don’t think you could draw it any better, really. It was pretty quick, but always when you get the first goal in the game, it’s helpful. Tonight it just happened a little earlier.

Kopitar, on his early goal and Drew Doughty wearing an “A”:

Kopitar, on whether the game was a good indication of where the team wants to be:
I think we’re on the right path, yeah. I mean, there’s still room for improvement. There’s still some stuff that you’ve got to sharpen up. But I think we’re on the right track and should be fine.

Jordan Nolan, on making several big hits and carrying the team identity:
Yeah, before the game, Darryl kind of tells everyone to ‘find their game,’ and get ready for the regular season. For me to be successful, I have to be aggressive and play physical, and that’s just what I’m trying to do out there.

Nolan, on playing with younger players:
You know, it doesn’t change the way I play. I still try to be physical always, just knowing I have two pretty skilled kids on my line, and if I get open, I know where they’re going to find me. We generated a little bit tonight. We had a few chances, and I thought we played good.

Nolan, on whether the team is “itching” for the regular season to start:
I think so. I think the boys are ready to get the season going. It’s right around the corner. So one more game here tomorrow, and then I think the guys will be pretty excited for that.

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