September 18 practice quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether Scott Sabourin has “surprised” him:
Well, I hadn’t seen him play live, so it’s not really “surprise”. You know what, he’s really green, but he’s a hockey player. He’s going to have to do lots of training and play against men.

On whether it was interesting seeing Dustin Penner on the opposite bench:
No. It’s good to see him. Good guy. I don’t really pay much attention to that.

On Jeff Schultz being “a city guy” and not knowing anything “about ranching, farming, or cattle”, and whether it affects him on the depth chart:
No. Everybody in California is a city guy or a farming or ranch guy. Did you know that California is the second-biggest cattle state in America? It’s not all city.

On impending cuts:
We fly to Colorado to play tomorrow. So we fly and then play the next day. [Reporter: So the cuts will come after?] It’s not really a date on it. You don’t have to have a roster until October 1st. [Reporter: The Manch people were thinking that they were coming in the next couple days because their camp was opening up next week.] They don’t have a practice until the 25th. That’s still six days, seven days.

On Drew Doughty playing with Jake Muzzin yesterday:
It’s not ‘who Drew’s partner is,’ it’s Drew, right? He’s a veteran guy that we’re counting on lots now, right? So he’s got to ramp his game up, and that’s what guys did last night. It’s not really about friggin’ outcome or any of that stuff. It’s just about watching guys, how they’re playing individually, right? [Reporter: Drew says he came into camp this year five pounds heavier intentionally…He came in at 210 compared to 205. Any thoughts about the lighter versus the heavier Drew Doughty?] No. We didn’t have camp last year. We had a lockout. So I don’t know what his weight was in September. I didn’t get to weigh him. [Reporter: No, in January…before the season, he came in at 205 compared to 210.] I think he’s come in at a lot of different weights in his career.