Insiders Podcast: A soft opening - LA Kings Insider

Surprise! LAKI has a podcast now.

Throughout the regular season, Jon Davis of and I will record our thoughts on topics relevant to the Los Angeles Kings and the sport of hockey. We’ll invite local and national guests to join us, add some highlights and include audio bits from dressing room scrums.

Think of this inaugural podcast as a soft opening. We’re introducing ourselves, testing out our equipment and editing software and are informally discussing relevant Kings topics while sharing notes from a busy month that has seen players come and go to and from the Los Angeles organization. We recall our favorite Ziggy Palffy memories before J.D. harkens back to a time of snap bracelets and Hypercolor t-shirts in sharing his impressions of the Montreal Forum during the Kings-Canadiens series of 1993.

With each podcast, we’ll be looking to add and subtract elements as we strive to produce an entertaining and informative source of Kings hockey news and analysis. We’ll accomplish this with your guidance, so please leave your suggestions (more Simpsons references?) in the comments section when each podcast is aired.

Thank you for listening!

-Jon and Jon
(@lakingsinsider & @westcoasthky)