On vacation - LA Kings Insider

Good morning! By the time this news hits your computer screen, I will be some place far, far away. Think tropical beaches-meets cosmopolitan urban center-surrounded by glacial peaks-ringed with the serene expanse of the Eurasian steppe. Yes, that’s correct. I’m in Cleveland. OK, I’m not really in Cleveland.

Some notes:

-I will return the evening of Monday, July 22.

-There will be basic updates on the site. Bear with any delays. When news is posted, it will likely take the form of a press release or of a brief note. I also recently submitted my LAKings.com feature and will link to it from my tropical / urban / Icelandic locale shortly after it goes live. I scheduled an I Was There post to hit the site at 7:00 am Tuesday morning and am in the process of writing the final I Was There feature (and embedding the honorable mentions). They will go live later in the week.

-Expect some news to break. There will likely be additional contract signings announced in the coming week. Originally it had appeared as though the entire 2013-14 schedule would be coming out this coming Wednesday, though with no official Olympic agreement between the NHL, the NHLPA and the IIHF, it is possible that the announcement may be postponed. I still expect the schedule to come out this week, and I’ll post my analysis upon my return.

-If you are at all interested in where I’m headed, or what I do on my free time, you are more than welcome to follow my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts. There will be plenty of travel minutiae and some occasional whining at airlines. Don’t expect anything profound.

-Thank you again for reading, and I’ll report back to you in a week.

Behold, Cleveland! (I am not going here)