Mitchell skates, tweets - LA Kings Insider

Willie Mitchell shared a video on Twitter late last night of several wristshots and twirls around the offensive zone that he took at a deserted Toyota Sports Center.

As Dean Lombardi mentioned last Sunday, Mitchell is “clearly making progress again,” though a clearer picture of his recovery won’t be revealed until the knee is able to withstand more strenuous tests. At the least, this video confirms what we already knew about his character – Mitchell is strongly motivated and has a firm goal to rejoin his Los Angeles teammates.

Dean Lombardi, on Sunday, on whether Willie Mitchell’s injury could still be considered a “career-threatening” injury:
“Boy. I’d probably leave it at that now. I mean, it’s possible. But, it’s a day-to-day thing, in terms of his progress. I guess it’s safe to say that he’s at least making progress, but the problem is it’s the same progress he made before, and until we get to those final stages, you’re not going to know for sure. So, if you had asked me this maybe six months ago when we went through the process the first time, I would have been encouraged. But, given that we had two setbacks once he got to a certain point, I’m certainly not as optimistic as I would have been before. But that said, he’s clearly making progress again. But, we’ve still got to go to another level and push [the knee] to see if it responds. Your guess is as good as mine right now.”