June 5 practice quotes: Jeff Carter - LA Kings Insider

On how he feels the day after Game 3:
“Feeling all right. You know, a little sore. I had a bunch of cuts inside, one outside that you could see. Got a bunch of stitches.”

Carter, on whether he and his teammates were “angry” about the incident:
“There’s bigger things to worry about right now. We’re in a fight here, down two games to one. I don’t think that’s on our minds.”

On an observation that he “blew [Keith] off” when he attempted to apologize:
“The video said that I blew him off. If you watched, I said something back to him. [Reporter: Can you go back and just recreate for us exactly what happened.] We were battling in front of the net, up the ice. You know, I think I took a swing at his glove there, he was trying to pick it up. I was in front of him. Next thing I knew, I was getting a stick to the face.”

On Keith saying it had been an accident:
“It is what it is. It’s over with. It’s done with. We got a pretty big game tomorrow night to worry about. I’m not too worried about the incident.”

On whether the incident is worthy of a suspension:
“That’s up to Brendan. Whatever he thinks is right is what’s going to happen. If he does get suspended, it’s a huge loss for their team. A big part of their team. Nothing we can do about it. We have to get ready to play.”

On skating with Dustin Penner and Tyler Toffoli:
“Obviously with Mike going out, it’s a huge loss to our team. He’s a guy that plays in all situations. You know, I think the first game in Chicago, we didn’t really have too much time to think about anything. Maybe that was a good thing with Tyler coming in. Chicago’s not an easy place to play. With him coming in there, he played great. Penns has been good. Seems like we’re kind of keeping things simple. When you do that, get pucks deep, work their D low, which is something we’ve been trying to do, good things happen.”

On whether Toffoli’s confidence is higher than it was in previous call-ups:
“Yeah, I think he’s been great the last two games. Obviously the more you play, the more confidence you’re going to get, right? The more success you have, the more confidence you’re going to get. He really battles hard on the walls. He makes real strong, smart plays, quick passes off the wall, down low, stuff like that. A lot of times you don’t see that in a young guy just coming out of juniors. I’ve been real impressed.”

On the encouragement of seeing Mike Richards skating during practice:
“Yeah, it’s obviously great to see him out there. I don’t know anything more than that, other than he skated today. If we can get him back at some point in this series, whenever it is, it’s a huge lift to our team.”

On how many teeth he lost from the incident with Keith:
“I didn’t. I had a tough practice in Chicago. My bridge fell out. Those were already gone. I chipped one tooth, cracked a couple on the bottom, but didn’t actually lose any. [Reporter: How many stitches did you take?] I think it was 20, 21, something like that.”

On “the roll” Justin Williams has been on:
“Yeah, since I’ve got here, you can tell he’s always a guy that plays with a lot of passion, a lot of fire. He hates losing. It’s pretty fun to watch him play when he gets going, gets rolling, the confidence is starting to flow. It’s pretty amazing what he can do out there with the puck, with his game. When he’s playing like that, like he has been, he’s a huge help to us.”

On what the last two games have been like without Mike Richards:
“It’s been fine. Obviously going back to center, it’s something that I’m familiar with. Very comfortable playing in the middle. I think it gives me a little more kind of free rein, if you will. You know, I think with the way that Dustin and Tyler have been playing the last two games as well has made it pretty easy for myself, pretty easy for our line to get things going.”

On the team not retaliating in adverse situations:
“It’s not a time to go out and retaliate and take dumb penalties. You do that, your season’s going to be over pretty quick, especially against a team like Chicago. Highly skilled forwards, they can put the puck in the net.”

On Quick’s performance offsetting the team’s offensive struggles:
“Yeah, Quick has been unbelievable for us, obviously. Not much that needs to be said about him. We know what he does. Offensively, I think it’s maybe some confidence for a lot of guys. You know, you get a lucky one, whatnot, you start to get rolling. It’s just the way it’s been. You look at St. Louis, San Jose, two great defensive teams. Goals are hard to come by. Chicago plays a real solid defense. They got great goalies. You got to work for everything you get.”

On whether he had seen Patrick Sharp fight in his years of playing with him & watching him:
“I don’t know if I ever saw him fight in person, but I saw him fight. Philly-Ottawa – Spezza – they had all those fights there. He did pretty well for himself.”