June 4 postgame quotes: Jonathan Quick - LA Kings Insider

On his third period save on Bryan Bickell:
“On the Initial shot, I kind of got bumped a little, spun a little off angle. Wasn’t really able to put the rebound where I wanted to. Ends up on his stick. You’re just trying to cover net. Got fortunate, hit two blockers. Obviously it was a big save at the time. You got to get lucky sometimes, so it was good.”

On whether he thought Bickell had scored:
“No. I mean, I saw it all the way. He’s in tight. You don’t have much time to react. I saw it all the way, into my blocker. When he’s that close, you know, you get that split second where you don’t know if you’re going to get a piece of it or not.”

On how important it was for him to have a strong game in Game 3:
“I mean, overall, in your head you tell yourself you got to play better in Game 4. I didn’t like the goal I gave up. There’s some things I would like to clean up for the next game. But I just think from a team standpoint, it was good to win. You’re down 2-0, you need a win. We got to approach the game the same way. We’re trying to just win one game on Thursday.”

On the difference between Game 3 and the previous two games:
“I think we played our game. We got the first goal. Typically we’ve played well with leads. I think it was more our speed, our tempo. I think we dictated the game a little more than we did in the first two games. Obviously in Chicago, we had moments we were able to do that, but not for the full 60 like we were able to do today. At the end of the day, it’s one game, you move on. You try to win one game on Thursday.

On Justin Williams:
“He’s a great player that’s been in these situations before, and he knows how to handle himself, he knows how to be prepared when he steps out on the ice. He scored many clutch goals so far in these playoffs. We probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”

On physical play and the performance of Matt Greene:
“Yeah, no, we got five other guys back there that are doing a great job, as well. Obviously the big thing we were missing when he was out was kind of his leadership. As well as he’s playing on the ice, I think one of the bigger contributions to this team is what he does in the locker room, how he gets guys going. He’s a great leader.”

On the keys to extending the home win streak:
“Shouldn’t really matter whether you’re home or away. You should approach the game the same way. We’ve kind of been forced to win at home just because we haven’t played as well on the road. We don’t put too much thought into the streak or anything like that. Every time we come here, we’re just trying to win one game. I’m sure if you asked Chicago that at the beginning of the year about their streak, they’d give you the same answer. We’ve been fortunate to get them while we’re here and we haven’t been fortunate on the road. We’re looking to tie the series up on Thursday and win one game.”

On the team’s response to Chicago causing traffic in front of the net:
“I mean, as a team, they do a great job getting guys to the front of net. It’s something that you expect. This time of year, a lot of times you’re not going to score many goals unless you got guys at the front of the net, trying to make the goalie not see the puck, create stuff in front of the net. Yeah, you expect that. They’re bigger guys, so you got to work your way around and try to find the puck when you can. Yeah, you expect it.”

On why the Kings are a different team on the road:
“We got to win at home. We got another game we have to win at home before we go on the road. That’s our focus right now. Obviously we’ve been saying that for the past two series, you know, we got to do what we do at home on the road. We got to win a game at home in the next couple days. That’s all our focus is. After that we got to get ready for another game.”