Kings-Sharks in pictures - LA Kings Insider

Game 1
“It’s great to win the game. That’s all it is. No matter how you do it, you win a game. Now our focus is Game 2. That’s all it is.”
-Jonathan Quick

Game 2
“We weren’t playing our best, so we definitely wanted to go and play 20 minutes hard and see what would happen.”
-Tyler Toffoli

Game 3
“We’re fine. Tough team. We’ve got our hands full, obviously.”
-Darryl Sutter

Game 4
“I think the challenge for us is – as Darryl would say – is ‘starting on time.’”
-Rob Scuderi

Game 5
“We weren’t good at the start. We weren’t good at any point of the game tonight. We didn’t deserve to win. Our power play was brutal – our passes weren’t on, guys weren’t shooting the puck, breakout was off and timing was off.”
-Logan Couture

Game 6
“Yeah, it was awesome. I found out during the press conference that we haven’t played a Game 7 since 2002. I can’t wait to get back there. It’s big for me.”
-Darryl Sutter

Game 7
“[It’s] obviously huge, but we’re only halfway there. We’ve won eight games out of 16. We’re happy with where we’re at, certainly not satisfied. 30 teams down to four is great.”
-Justin Williams

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