Sharks fined $100,000 for Wilson statement - LA Kings Insider

Raffi Torres was suspended for the remainder of the Kings-Sharks series due to his hit on Jarret Stoll, which the NHL Department of Player Safety deemed as a hit that made Stoll’s head the principal point of contact.

On Friday, Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson offered his own interpretation of the hit, one that contradicted the league’s findings.

The statement cost the team $100,000, per the NHL’s release below.

Sharks fined $100,000 for public comments by GM

NEW YORK — The San Jose Sharks have been fined $100,000 for public comments by General Manager Doug Wilson pertaining to the suspension of Sharks forward Raffi Torres, the National Hockey League announced today.

The fine was issued for violation of League Rules that prohibit formal team statements to the media during the 48-hour period following a disciplinary decision. The Rule calls for an automatic fine of $25,000. The Sharks were fined an additional $75,000 under Article 6 of the League’s Constitution due to the inappropriate nature of the comments.

On January 17, 2013 a memorandum was issued to all Clubs regarding Disciplinary Procedures for the 2012-13 season. Following is the excerpt from the memorandum dealing with ‘Prohibited Communications’:

“… In addition to the foregoing, the League also has imposed a prohibition on Club employees and representatives communicating with the Department of Player Safety (or with the Commissioner in the case of an appeal of a decision) in order to attempt to influence its (or his) determination regarding whether or not to impose Supplemental Discipline. Specifically, such communications are prohibited beginning with warm-up preceding a game, and continuing until forty-eight (48) hours after the later of: (i) the conclusion of such game, or (ii) in the event the Department of Player Safety holds a hearing, within forty-eight (48) hours following a disciplinary decision. In the event of an appeal to the Commissioner, Club employees and representatives are also prohibited from discussing the merits of the Supplemental Discipline determination that is the subject of the appeal with the Commissioner or the Department of Player Safety until forty eight (48) hours after the Commissioner’s decision. The foregoing prohibition extends to include formal team statements to the media and press releases issued during such period…”