May 7 quotes: Kyle Clifford, Jeff Carter - LA Kings Insider

Several quotes on a travel day in advance of Game 5:

Kyle Clifford, on heading into Game 5:
“We’re just getting ready for tomorrow. It’s going to be a big matchup. They’re going to come out hard, and we’re going to come out even harder.”

Clifford, on drawing on the experience of having played in St. Louis twice this series:
“They’ve got a pretty exciting crowd, so we’re going to be able to expect that. I think being there the first two games, we already had our feet wet.”

Clifford, on the type of game he expects on Wednesday:
“Well, it’s the playoffs. You never know what’s going to happen. I mean, they’re going to come out hard and we’re going to come out hard and just get shots on net and try and score as many goals as we can.”

Jeff Carter, on how different Game 4 was from other games in the series:
“Well, I think we’ve been getting better every game, and I think it again showed [Monday] night. We were skating better, getting on pucks and using our forecheck more to our advantage. It showed in the end result.”

Carter, on if there was a sense of panic when the team trailed 2-0:
“No. A couple quick ones there. The first one, not much we could do there. It bounced out pretty good, and then a tip on a power play. We’ve been in that position before, and I think these guys won’t get too down on themselves. We stayed calm and we chipped away.”

Carter, on whether he’s a “momentum” type of a player:
“Yes and no. In a series, you have to win your home games. We’ve got a three game series here, two on the road. We’ve got to go in their building and win one. So that’s the plan.”

-courtesy Kings PR