April 30 postgame quotes: Jonathan Quick - LA Kings Insider

On what happened on the game-winning goal:
“It’s exactly what it looked like. I tried to make a pass. He blocked it and scored.”

On whether he thought he had more time to make a pass:
“You don’t have an option to the left, and you’re trying to force him to the left, and trying to give my D man a little more time with the puck. You give it to him early, then he’s up his ass. You try to make him make a decision, and he gets a stick on it.

On whether he takes any solace in his overall performance:

On whether he’ll have to put this game “right away”:
If we won, I’d put it ‘right away’. If we lost, like we did, you put it right away. It doesn’t make a difference. You just try to win Game 2.”

On whether this game was any more tiring than a normal 60 or 65-minute game:
“Am I tired? No. It’s a hockey game.”