April 30 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the overtime loss:
“You know what? They came out exactly how you expected them to. They played a work, speed game. That’s what they did, and we had a handful of guys that weren’t ready for that part of it. It made for a tough time. Actually, I thought we played really well from about five minutes left in the first for most of the second. We were able to tie it up, and they scored on a bad break. Lose it.”

On the message to the team facing playoff adversity, considering last year’s run:
“Really, there’s no bearing on anything. We’re down one-nothing in the series. We’re on the road, and we try and get a win on the road.”

On Jonathan Quick’s performance:
“He was outstanding…he played a great game. Kind of ironic that the two best players on the ice were in on the goal. And even there, he tries to make a play, and I think Steen’s stick tapped it. It was hard to tell from the bench, but he made the good play. That’s a play we try and make on the power play. Go to the defenseman. Tough play.”

On what winning the game would have meant to Los Angeles:
“Probably stole one, even though we had the better opportunities by quite a bit in overtime to get to that point. Really, our goalie got us there, and probably Mike’s line.”