April 9 postgame quotes: Anze Kopitar - LA Kings Insider

On the loss to Dallas:
“We didn’t really play our game in the first two, and then the third was just a terrible period for us. Our line can’t get scored on four times in one period. It definitely wasn’t a good period.”

On whether the game can be chalked up as an anomaly and forgotten, or whether there is a greater concern with the team’s performance:
“No, I think definitely we’re not going to forget about [it]. For sure, we’re going to talk about it and put it behind us after that. With the schedule that we have, we can’t really look back too much. But we can’t just forget about this period. We’ve got to address it. A period like this, it’s unacceptable. Everybody knows within this room, so we’ve got to be a whole lot better on the next game.”

On what happened in the third period that led to the game snowballing:
“We just were making too many turnovers. A team like they have, and the skill that they possess, they’re going to capitalize on that, and they did.”