April 6 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the team’s improved play:
“Our record’s pretty much held its own for a long time now. You don’t be right near the top [of] the league in regulation wins without doing it for a long time, so I don’t think lately it has been much different.”

On Jonathan Quick’s performance:
“We won. He gave us a chance to win, right? Same thing, every night. If goalies give you a chance to win, you have a chance to win.”

On his reaction to seeing Anze Kopitar sprawled on the ice:
“I had seen what it was. I knew he had gotten a stick in the up.”

On the Robyn Regehr – Drew Doughty pairing:
“It’s easier at home. Faceoffs, things like that, right? You get six seconds before the referee puts his arm up. I’m sure we’ll have a little different challenge tomorrow.”

On the previous game in Anaheim:
“I don’t know. I can’t remember that one. [Reporter: You pulled Quick early.] What’s that got to do with tomorrow?”

On the biggest challenge of Sunday’s game:
“We’re playing a team that’s what, 10 12 points ahead of us? So we’re playing a better team.”

On Anaheim:
“They’re a good team. Big team, strong team, veteran team. The kids they brought up are playing well. They’re using two goalies. We know that. We know they’re a division winner, and I’m not saying that because we play them tomorrow. But when you get off to that type of lead, that’s impossible to make it up. So, you know what? We just want to concentrate on us and try and play well. [Reporter: That’s kind of been the M.O. Don’t look around at the other teams. Just worry about yourselves.] The question was asked last week about home and road. Well, they’ve been awesome at home. Teams struggle on the road. We’re going into a tough building. Doesn’t matter if we are going into Catalina Island if they had a team.”

On when he’ll decide on tomorrow’s starting goalie:
“4:30 tomorrow. Doesn’t matter. Keep them fresh…There’s no issues, right? Our schedule says that you need two goalies that are fresh. We can take that from teams that are ahead of us in the league, to be quite honest. It ain’t ‘quite honest’, even in our conference – Chicago and Anaheim. So why not do what they do?”

On staying in Anaheim overnight and skating at the Honda Center tomorrow:
“You know what? One o’clock game today, and six o’clock tomorrow…it’s like that is a quicker turnaround. It’s a quick turnaround for us. So we might as well go. Guys can go have dinner and everything today, and get on the bus and get some down time tonight and skate tomorrow. I know they’ve tried it several different ways over the years. But we’ve done it different ways since I’ve been here, too. Three different ways. This would be the third different way. Whatever works. You know what? It’s more about keeping their energy level up. It’s more important than anything else, and it’s easy to get there.”