April 5 practice quotes: Brad Richardson - LA Kings Insider

On whether yesterday’s performance is one the team will be looking to replicate:
“Yeah, I think we played fairly well. I guess it was a low-shooting game all around, but I thought we played pretty well. Any time you can shut a team out, it’s probably a pretty good game for you. I think Bernier played great, too. He made big stops at key times, so that was big.”

On players clearing pucks and space in front of Jonathan Bernier:
“I thought we did a pretty good job. I mean, Bernier made some initial saves, and we didn’t give him a whole lot of second or third chances, which is always key. I thought Regehr played great for us. He’s one of those big guys that blocks a lot of shots and plays really physical. A lot of guys don’t want to play against him. Especially when you get leaned on a lot, guys will shut it down. It was a good game for him.”

On playing with different linemates and whether he felt comfortable with any of them:
“I kind of only played really on two lines. It was with Stoli, and then I was with Fras. I don’t know if there was anyone that I felt real comfortable with; it was more of a little bit of an adjustment, too. I went from playing center the last couple games to wing. I don’t know if anyone felt more comfortable. I’m just ready to play with whoever he puts me with.”

On whether games with more frequent line changes and line shuffling play into his versatility:
“It’s a lot easier if you don’t have to move around, to be honest. But if you do, you know you’ve got to try and be ready and play that position the best you can. But I’ve had experience doing that, so I guess the more experience you get with it, the easier it is.”

On whether he prefers playing wing or center:
“My natural position is center. That’s what I’ve played since I was a kid, so I think that’s more natural to me, for sure. I’ve played left wing for the last couple years off-and-on. The last five years, I guess, off-and-on. I’m pretty comfortable with that, too, but I think center’s my natural position.”

On whether he expects to see time at center on Saturday to contend with Edmonton’s speed:
“I have no idea, so we’ll see what comes tomorrow.”