April 4 postgame quotes: Robyn Regehr - LA Kings Insider

On his first game as a King:
“There’s a little bit of nervous energy, it’s been a very busy last couple days and lots of stuff going on with getting to know new teammates and all that other kind of stuff. So it was nice just to go out and play, and I thought the guys played really hard. We had a great start, jumped on them early. After that, it was kind of back and forth a little bit, but we were able to live off the great start.”

On whether he had to “brush up on the standings” after joining the Kings:
“Yeah, it took a little bit of homework to do that. There’s been lots going on. Yesterday I had a long session with John Stevens, the defensive coach and talking about everything that we’re trying to do here. There’s a lot that’s different, and also talking about the penalty kill and making sure that I was just up to speed on knowing what to do. That was a lot, but it was nice just to go out there and try to execute some of that so you don’t have to think about it. You can just go out and play and do it.”

On seeing some time with Drew Doughty, and whether Doughty reminds him of anyone:
“I had a chance to play a little bit at the World Cup in 2004 with a guy Scott Niedermayer who was one heck of a player. I see some of the same characteristics in Drew as in Scott. They can move themselves and the puck so well coming up the ice [and] really control the plays. I think he can do that. It’s just a matter for him of continuing to do that and building on his confidence and his game, and I think he has that ability.”

On whether he is capable of increasing his minutes from Buffalo:
“Well, I’ll do whatever they want me to do. It’s going to take a little bit of work here to get up to speed. But if that’s what they ask of me, then it’s up to me to be ready for that and prepared for that. I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I think tonight they just kind of wanted to see the game was going to go, and how players were playing with one another, and they might continue to do that. We’re not sure how that’s going to go forward down the road.”

On his reaction to his teammates scoring on the first two shots they took:
“I was really happy. Really happy. Some of the things we talked about before the game were making sure that we jumped out to the lead and get on them, and we were able to do that. There was a missed opportunity by them on the first goal when they missed the net, and it’s great that guys are ready to go, and you make sure that you make the most of those opportunities. We talked about the standings, how tight they are, and games too. As the season progresses, games get tighter and tighter usually. So to get out to a couple goal lead was great for us, and then we played fairly disciplined after that.”