April 2 morning skate quotes: Dustin Brown - LA Kings Insider

On Robyn Regehr:
“I think the best way for me to put it was the same way when we got Mitchie – I played against him a lot in Calgary. He’s one of those guys I didn’t like playing against. The way I play, he was hard to play against, and that’s a good thing for our team. He’s big, he’s strong, and the best way to put it is I didn’t like playing against him, so I don’t think many guys will.”

On Regehr providing physicality in the absence of Greene and Mitchell:
“Not only that, but along the lines of those guys is he’s just a big body [and] takes up more space. You’ll notice on the PK down low, especially with with Greener and Mitchie, they’re just so big. They can cover so much area with blocking shots and stick and he’s in that same group.”

On whether the acquisition indicates that the team is loading up for another Stanley Cup run:
“We’ve had internal discussions as a team about doing what is necessary to put ourselves in the position to defend the Stanley Cup. Obviously the trade deadline and the next 24 hours is part of that process, and we’ll see where it goes. But I like the addition.”

On earning the exact number of points at home and on the road during his career:
“If you look at my numbers, they’re consistently always in the same range. I mean, everyone goes through hot streaks and cold streaks, but my game generally doesn’t alter all that much from game to game or month to month. It’s pretty consistent. At least, I think it is, what you’re going to get day in and day out with me. So that maybe translates into the evenness of points.”

On whether having “heavy”, two-way forwards contributes to road success:
“I think it goes a long way. You look at some teams around the league that have superstars at one end of the rink, our best player is not only our best offensive player but our best defensive player with Kopi. And that says a lot about the type of game we play and the type of players we have.”