April 2 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Robyn Regehr’s feelings of joining the Kings, given their communication after the trade:
“Obviously he had to OK it, so that pretty much confirms what his thoughts would be. He still has to go through a medical.”

On his relationship with Regehr in Calgary:
“He was one of the Captains appointed by the coach. [Reporter: Smart coach.] Smart captain.”

On how he would describe Regehr, using “one line”:
“It’s what his identity is. Good pro. Good leader. Good competitor. He’s a winner.”

On whether Regehr can play the right side:
“In my experience, he never played the right side. We’re not looking for somebody to play the right side when you have Doughty and Voynov who play 45 minutes.”

On whether Regehr’s addition adds a “degree of flexibility” to the lineup:
“He replaces Willie Mitchell. It’s pretty much clear. He plays the same minutes, plays the same role.”

On whether it means another player will be losing minutes:
“Yep. We need lots of guys…I mean, you’re trying to write a story about who’s not going to play. I thought you were writing about Robyn Regehr. I said he’s replacing Willie Mitchell. So who replaced Willie Mitchell in our lineup? I think Keaton Ellerby has done an awesome job. He’s given us size, but nobody’s replaced Willie Mitchell. We’re trying to give ourselves a better opportunity to make the playoffs.”

On Regehr’s penalty killing history:
“If a player has spent a lot of time killing penalties in his career, that means that he’s probably a pretty good penalty killer.”

On what Regehr does fundamentally well on the penalty kill:
“Generally a good penalty killer is very good in his own zone if he’s a defenseman. You know what…you’re asking me questions that you know the answers to. Go ask the players about Robyn Regehr. They’ll tell you more about him than I will. Guarantee it.”

On knowing Regehr on a “different basis” than the players and Dustin Brown’s earlier comment that “He’s one of those guys I didn’t like playing against”:
“He’s an identity player, right? That’s why he’s still playing, and that’s why he’s sought after, because he’s a top character guy and he understands his role and he’s a team player and he’s all the good things that don’t get noticed. And I haven’t seen him play for a year and a half so I can’t tell you anything other than what I knew about him from the three years I did coach him.”

On Jordan Nolan:
“Jordie’s going back in.”

On what he’s looking for from Nolan:
“Replace Dustin Penner. [Reporter: Did Penner get hurt during the game?] Yeah, he got hurt on the almost-breakaway play.”

On Phoenix’s “push” in the last game between these teams:
“You know what, we match up against each other. It pretty much comes down to there’s a little bit of a rivalry between these guys. There’s guys that don’t like each other, quite honest, so that’s pretty much what it comes down to. I mean…we played two really good games against them at home, and I don’t think there [are any] surprises with these two teams. We came in here once after we played at home and didn’t play very well. Other than that, the four games, they’re hard fought games. They’re competitive games is what they are.”