The White House: Davis Drewiske - LA Kings Insider

What was your impression of the President walking into the room and shaking your hand?
“His demeanor was pretty impressive – just kind of exuding confidence and I guess exactly what you want from the leader of the free world.”

Did you have any preconceived notions of meeting the President, and how did this experience compare?
“Not at all, really. [I was] just trying to enjoy it and take everything in. We won a National Championship when I was in college, but we didn’t get the chance to come. I’m glad we got to come this time. It was very, very cool.”

President Obama was honored with a personalized #44 jersey. Will you have to look for a new number?
“Yeah, I might have to talk to him about that and make sure that’s just on loan, and I still get to keep it, or if I’ve got to switch. I don’t know.”