March 25 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On the win:
“We [got] good games out of our third and fourth lines, and Brownie [scored] a big goal at the end. It’s simple. They’re probably not happy with the way they played, and if we had lost, we wouldn’t have been happy with the way we played.”

On the goal to tie the game late in the second period:
“Kane’s goal just before that could’ve deflated [us]. We make a mistake again – our left defenseman. So it’s good to come right back. They got the call right, because Toronto has six guys to make the call, so it must be right.”

On Jordan Nolan’s performance after his earlier assertion that he’d like to be involved offensively:
“Yeah, he had…probably three of our best scoring chances in the second half of the game.”

On Jordan Nolan’s fight and whether it “woke” the team up:
“Well, you know what? There was a lot of line matching, so they were out there against each other, so maybe it woke each other up. Maybe it woke Jordan up.”

On whether he can remember a third and fourth line performance like Monday’s:
“I don’t remember recently, but our third and fourth lines generally play well, but you don’t always win. We need our big fellas to be a little better for us. They get a lot of attention.”