March 25 morning skate quotes: Jordan Nolan - LA Kings Insider

On what his objectives were over the previous two games:
“Just get my game back to the level where it needs to be. Before I was scratched, I wasn’t playing where I needed to be. I wasn’t competing at the level I needed to compete at. I think coming back, just showing myself and the coaching staff that I’m willing to work hard and compete.”

On Darryl Sutter’s means of communicating with him:
“He’s pretty black and white. If you’re not working hard he’ll let you know. If you need to be better, he’s ‘Quite simple, you’ve got to be better or you’re going to be out of the lineup.’ He’s not going to sugarcoat anything, so I think that’s good.”

On his line’s ability to create energy and forecheck over the last two games:
“I think the past few games we’ve been pretty successful at that. We actually want to do a little bit more in the O-zone, get a few more chances. But as for providing energy, I thought we’ve been good lately.”

On skating alongside center Colin Fraser:
“You know what to expect every game. He works hard. He keeps it simple. He’s always in the right position…so I think tonight should be a good game. I think he’s excited for it being an old team, so it’s going to be a good game.”