March 25 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Jake Muzzin’s play and whether he’s “getting it”:
“He’s getting it. It’s just that he has some defensive issues during games, as he did last game.”

On whether Muzzin has the confidence to “get there”:
“If you’re playing 20 minutes in the National Hockey League as a defenseman, don’t talk about confidence. That’s sort of an elusive, game-to-game, shift-to-shift, day-to-day thing. I think the ‘confidence’ is that the coaches play you that much.”

On what the difference in the Blackhawks without Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp:
“It takes a winger off their top line and a winger off their second line and it allows two really good young players to play in their place.”

On Patrick Kane’s difference this year and whether it has to do with “consistency”:
“We don’t see him every game. I’ve only seen him against us, so he’s a talented young player, and I’ve seen him enough in this conference to know that he’s a guy that takes advantage of players that aren’t as sharp as him or lesser players than him, and if you see it that he’s doing it on a consistent basis, then he is. But we just don’t see him enough live, right?”

On Jeff Carter’s progress from the start of the season to now:
“He’s a goal scorer, and if it was a regular, 80-game schedule, he’s on close to a 40-[goal] pace, and those are high expectations that we’ve put on him, and that’s sort of what he expects too, so he’s on a pretty consistent pace.”