March 22 practice quotes: Jonathan Quick - LA Kings Insider

On whether his performances against Phoenix and Dallas have created a good rhythm:
“So we got two out of four points. So you’re .500. Got to be better than that. We’re a better team than a .500 team. We have an opportunity tomorrow to be a 600-change team. We’ve got to take advantage of that, and we’ll go from there.”

On his save on Trevor Daley:
“It was a three-on-two. I really don’t remember too clearly. I know Jagr had the puck on my left. He came down, made a move towards the inside. You kind of…expected him to shoot because he had so much time, and just having more patience than many players in the league, he kind of waits you out a little bit, and then he dished it off to Daley. You’re just trying to get over an area to fill space, and you get a glove on it.”

On what being “technically” sound means to him:
“Technical, when I think ‘technical’, I think all the little details. If you’re getting your looks in when you’re supposed to, stick position, square to your shooter. “

On thinking of when the shooter will shoot, in the context of being technically sound:
“You expect that. You have so much time. You expect him to shoot. He didn’t. He made it a little more difficult. But, no, ‘technically’, I think technically all year. I think I’ve done well ‘technically’. ‘Technically’ doesn’t stop the puck, though. ‘Technically’ does not win games. They’re just things that kind of help you to stop the puck and win games. It’s not going to do it every time. I thought ‘technically’ I was good yesterday, but we lost [the game]. It’s the way it goes.”

On flipping the puck out of his glove immediately after the save on Daley:
“I was just putting it over by the dot. You see a shot from a point with no traffic, and I catch it, and sometimes you throw it towards the dot. I don’t think it was any different. Put it where the faceoff’s going to be.”