March 22 practice quotes: Drew Doughty - LA Kings Insider

On Daniel and Henrik Sedin:
“They like to get the puck back to each other. When they make the first pass it’s most likely going right back to them, and then that’s what opens up the space…They’ll make any kind of pass. They’ll throw it up to the guy’s chest and catch it. They’ll do anything. It doesn’t have to be the perfect pass. They’ll just bat pucks by you and bat it right back. So it’s tough playing against them, [because] they’re always looking for each other.”

On whether Vancouver still possesses elite speed:
“Yeah, they still have the speed, for sure. Even though in the standings they aren’t doing what they have in the past, but it’s hard to do that with such a short season…They’re still a really good team, a team that we’ve got to make sure we’re really prepared for because every time they come into our building they play a hard game, so that’s what we’re expecting tomorrow. We’ve got to have a big win and outplay them pretty bad tomorrow night.”

On what the team needs to address after last night’s game:
“We’ve got to score. We had a lot of chances and I don’t think we were going to the net hard enough. I think that’s the reason why we weren’t putting any pucks by them. Also, once they got a lucky bounce off that goal off a skate, I think after that we kind of deflated as a team. I think we’ve got to go the other way. After a bad bounce you’ve got to realize you’re still doing the right things and we’ve got to get one back quick.”

On Jonathan Quick’s performance against Dallas:
“He made some big saves at some big times, especially in…the second…We minimized the shots. They really didn’t get that many shots on net, but we gave up too many high quality scoring chances, and that’s when he had to come up big. He played great for us last night, and I’m sure he will if he plays tomorrow again.”

On whether Quick’s reaction to his save on Daley’s shot indicates he has his “swagger” back:
“I don’t think Quickie ever lost his swagger. I think everyone expects him to kind of have the exact same year he did last year, and it’s pretty hard to live up to repeating a season like that. It’s not impossible, but it almost is. He played outstanding for us all season last year, and he made every single save. It was never a puck was getting by him, and that just can’t happen forever. I don’t ever think he lost his swagger, [and] I don’t ever think he’s playing poorly. I think he just wasn’t having the exact same season as he was last year, and that’s what people maybe see it as, [that] he wasn’t playing to the best of his ability.”