March 14 postgame quotes: Jake Muzzin - LA Kings Insider

Opening remarks: “No, I’m not a fighter.”

On instinct taking over in situations where a teammate is defended:
“Yeah, I didn’t like seeing my teammate get hit like that, so I had to do something about it. So I stepped in. I tried my best.”

On whether fighting to stick up for Colin Fraser was “the right thing to do”:
“Yeah. Look after a teammate. A teammate is vulnerable like that. You don’t want them running around, thinking they can do that all the time.”

On whether the hit on Fraser was a “cheap shot”:
“I mean, it’s tough. You know the puck’s in the guy’s skates. You know he’s vulnerable, and he takes advantage of him. I don’t like seeing a teammate get hit like that. So I went in.”

On what the team has to do to limit the goals and chances against:
“We have to clean up our end zone. Clean up our end zone and we’ve got to make smarter plays with the puck. We’re getting trapped in our zone a little too long, and it’s creating opportunities for them. We’re giving them too many opportunities to score, and if we give them opportunities, they’re going to score once in a while. We’ve got to clean up our O-zone.”