March 9 postgame quotes: Justin Williams - LA Kings Insider

On what has caused the recent offensive explosion:
“I don’t know. Carter I think scores every game, so I think it’s opening everything up for the rest of us. I don’t know. As I said just after the game – I’m obviously happy with the six goals – but we kind of got into a little track meet there in the third period, and that’s certainly what the Kings are about. The Kings are about a sound defensive team, and I thought the first period we were way too loose. We let them get a goal late. But we found a way to right the ship, and had a big second period.”

On whether Voynov passed or shot the puck on his deflected goal:
“I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think that was a pass. Slava’s been playing some great hockey not only offensively, but in the defensive zone as well. He’s been hard, and he’s having fun out there, and that’s really good to see, because he’s vital to our success.

On whether eye contact was made with Voynov prior to the slap/pass:
“Well, he’s looking at sticks, absolutely. I’m just trying to get myself available. He’s the guy that’s going to make that play. In this day and age in hockey, with so many shot blockers, you have to look for sticks in front of the net, and our defense has been doing a great job finding us.”

On whether it was good to get back on the ice quickly after the Dallas game:
“There are a lot of games. You certainly can’t dwell on anything, whether it be good or bad. We certainly weren’t happy with our performance against Dallas. We have them four more times this year, so we’re going to be able to rectify that, and we have another game against the same team on Monday. So we put these two in the bank, and we’re going to look for a much harder and obviously a well-rested Calgary team next.”

On whether there was a focus to use their size as an advantage against Calgary:
“Our focus was playing in the offensive zone as much as we can. We’re a big, strong team. That’s our identity. We’re a heck of a forecheck team when we put our minds to it, and we’re very tough to get off the puck. We obviously wanted to focus on hanging on to pucks in the offensive zone, and we certainly made plays on that, and we were able to get to Kiprusoff.”